Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m going to start with some of the questions I can remember being asked several times and then as time goes on and I see that on the Forum there are other questions that get asked a lot I will add them to this page. Thank you so much for stopping in!



1.) Q:  How can I send you mail?

A:  PO Box 459, Hackett, AR 72937


2)  What order should I read the Grey Wolves/Gypsy Healer Series in?

Grey Wolves:

Book 1 Prince of Wolves

Book 2 Blood Rites

Book 3 Just One Drop

Book 4 Out of the Dark

Book 5 Beyond the Veil

Book 6 Fate and Fury

Book 7 Sacrifice of Love

Book 8 Luna of Mine (Luna of Mine is a prequel, you can read it any time)


The Gypsy Healer Series

Book 1 Into the Fae

Book 2 Wolf of Stone

Book 3 Jewel of Darkness


Grey Wolves

Book 9 Den of Sorrows

Book 10 The Burning Claw


Piercing Silence (GWS novella, can be read anytime after Sacrifice of Love)

Resounding Silence (GWS novella, can be read anytime after Sacrifice of Love)


3) Are the Grey Wolves Series books and Elfin books connected in any way?

A:  No, totally different universes.


4)  Q: When will book ________________ be released?

A:  I announce all of my release dates on social media and through my newsletter so follow me there! If I haven’t announced a book, then I probably have no idea when it will be coming out! That doesn’t mean I won’t write it eventually, it just means I have some other projects ahead of it.


5)  Q: What character are you most like?

A: I’m a mix between Jen and Jacque. Not a single Sally bone in my body.


6) Q:Where can I get a paper back copy of your books?

A: You can order them from Amazon or I have autographed copies for sale on my site here:


7) Where can I get autographed bookmarks?

A: Just send me a self addressed stamped envelope to P.O. Box 459, Hackett, AR 72937 and I will mail you some!


8)  Can I have an ARC copy of your next book?  Please, I’m a blogger!

A:  At this point, I only give out a VERY limited number of ARCs.  Several indie authors have had their work stolen because they were not protective enough of their ARCs.  Intentional or not, information gets leaked. I mean no offense to anyone, but I cannot give out any more ARCs of any of my books at this time.


9)  Will there ever be a Grey Wolves movie?

A:  I don’t know!  I would love for that to happen one day, but there are no plans at this point.


10) I’m an aspiring author. Can you help me get published?  Can you read my book and review it?

I do not know anything about traditional publishing because I am entirely self-published.  To self-publish, you only need to upload your manuscript to, Barnes and Nobles, or Ibooks.  I can give you a few tips on how to hopefully be successful at self-publishing.  The first thing you have to do is write a good book and make sure it is edited well.  One of my biggest mistakes starting out was that my book was not edited well enough.  Edit, edit, edit!  After you have your product, then you have to promote yourself. No one is going to do it for you. You have to set out and spend the hours getting your name out there. IT TAKES A LOT OF HOURS!!!! Contact reviewers and bloggers about reading your book.  You have to beg them sometimes.  You should like pages and help promote other authors and most of them will do the same for you, do giveaways and offer to let blogs do giveaways for you as well. That is everything I do.  The important thing to remember is that being an author takes A LOT of work!!  You have to be very determined.  Hang in there and keep trying.  And don’t be discouraged by bad reviews. You will get them no matter how good your book is.

I would love to read and review every potential book that my fans send me.  Unfortunately, this is just not feasible. I get several requests a day for people wanting me to read their work. With all the projects I have going, I simply cannot do it.  Currently, I am not reading or reviewing anyone’s work.  I would suggest you start with close friends and relatives and get their opinions.  Find people who will be brutally honest with you and give you constructive criticism.

Good Luck!!!

The following is a list of questions I often get from readers doing book reports or school projects.  Please read these before you email me.  If there is something that is not on this list that you would like to know, please feel free to email me.

What made you want to write?  Writing was something that always came easily for me and I’ve always had a very vivid imagination. I never thought I’d be able to do it full time and support my family with it, but by the grace of God I am and I feel very blessed to get to live my dream.


What sort of background/education do you have?  I quit college after a year because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I got married at 19 and then just worked while my husband went to school. When I was 24 I decided to go to nursing school and before I started writing I was a nurse for 6 years.


In your early adult life what did you do to try to get your book published? I actually have never tried to go the traditional route. I knew from the get go that I was going to self publish, and thanks to ebooks it has made it possible to do so and be successful. It’s a lot of work, but it is possible. 


What motivated you to write young adult/paranormal romance? I love paranormal fiction and had been reading a lot of YA paranormal books and I just decided one day to try. I thought that maybe since I enjoyed reading it so much that I would be able to write about it as well.


Why did you start writing?  Because it’s something I love to do and it’s something I’m good at. I hope that I can continue to make my living writing books!


What was your childhood like? I was a military brat. Both my parents were in the Air Force and so we moved every three years until I was 12. Then we moved back to my moms home town to help take care of my grandmother who was very sick. We lived on my grandparents cattle ranch out in the country and I was a country girl. I was a member of 4H, I had horses, showed heifers in the county fair and raised rabbits for show as well. It was a small town so everyone knew everyone.


How did you first start writing? I wrote poetry a lot in high school and short stories but Prince of Wolves was the first novel I’d ever written. And I literally just sat down at my computer and started typing whatever came into my head. It was messy, lol, but I’ve gotten better and I hope that I continue to get better. 

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  1. Katershorse

    I am a huge fan love the Grey Wolves Series I have read it twenty four times. You are actually the reason I started writing in the first place. If you were thinking about having the Grey Wolves books made into a tv series or whatever you should consider maybe a youtube series just an idea but none the less amazing books. My mother says I have a gift for writing, after I read a book two or three times I can get a feeling for what the authors writing is like and I can mimic it into a fan fiction story my mother read a fan fiction of the Grey Wolves Series I wrote and said it sounded just like you wrote it. Don’t worry those are kept in my “books” folder on my flash drive its not going on Wattpad or nothing. I do love your books and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. I’m looking to get my book published with Amazon is that what you did? You should check out my book on Wattpad though its called “The Assassin’s Daughter” its by Katershorse I have 12K reads aiming for 1 mil.

    • Quinn Loftis

      Will do. Thanks so much, Katershorse!

  2. Meghan

    Quinn, I hope you keep writing for a very long time. I turned 30 this year and I have been an avid reader since middle school. As much as I love to read anything and everything, I have never had the reaction that I have when I read your books or hear about a new book being released. You are truly amazing at what you do. I have loved every singe one of your books. We all fall in love with our favorite characters but I love how you share both sides of the story and keep their stories going through the series. And I knew Call Me Crazy was different from the Grey Wolves style, but I can honestly say, it was as amazing as the others. Especially for someone like me who struggles with depression and anxiety, I truly am in awe of what you do and the story you told in Call Me Crazy. You gave a voice to those who struggle with mental illness in a real way. And anytime I get anxious, I know I can pull up any one of your books, which I have all of them on my kindle so I can read them over and over again anytime I want to, and they help me escape into worlds where not everything goes right all the time but you have to keep fighting. You are an amazing author and an incredible person. I will be forever grateful that I stumbled upon Prince of Wolves that fateful day, scrolling through free kindle books :)

    • Quinn Loftis

      Thank you so much for those kind words, Meghan. So glad they have had a positive impact! And yes, I will make it up to NE sometime, not sure when, but I’ve been wanting to go. Thanks for the message!

  3. ariellebarquero

    I just started reading your series and in complete honesty, I finished the grey wolf series in a week and a half. The storyline and connection between the characters got me so intrigued. I couldn’t put any of the books down! I am a high school student with a deep love for writing. You are my biggest inspiration to becoming the writer I want to be. Young adult paranormal/romance novels have been an all time favorite of mine since 4th grade and I one day hope that the book I’m currently writing will inspire others as yours has inspired me :) I just bought the gypsy healer books off of Amazon and can’t contain the excitement inside! I practically scared the mailman when I attacked the packages he held in his hands haha! Well anyways, I just want to thank you for being such an amazing writer and for feeding us beautiful stories of characters we grew to love! Take care and can’t wait for more!

    Xoxo, Arielle

    • Quinn Loftis

      Thank you so much Arielle! I appreciate those kind words and so glad you enjoy the books!

  4. CarCar

    Hi Quinn, I’m a huge fan. I actually contacted you on your website and was hoping you could just forget it but just answer: When were you born? If you would like to answer please email me at thx! (Btw i’m doing an essay for a book and I’ve chosen Prince of Wolves and I need my own “About the Author” so if you don’t mind. :)

  5. Anastasia

    When is the 9th book to the Grey Wolves Series coming out?

    • Quinn Loftis

      Hey Anastasia, the 9th book will likely be mid next year. Thanks!

  6. Anastasia

    I love Quinn Loftis and I have a stupid question… What age does Peri look? I know stupid! I have read all the books and I don’t remember it ever saying what exact age Peri looked… It might have and I am being a dumb doe-doe but I was just wondering… On the Into the Fea cover Peri looks to be a teen but when she talks and the way everyone thinks of her in the books it sound as if she looks to be in her 30’s or 40’s. And I know “use you imagination” but I am kinda wonder what Quinn is picturing her to be. She is mate to Vasils brother which if i am remembering correctly is older then Vasil, which would kind of be weird looking at the couple if she looked to be in her teens (Even though she is waaaayyyyy older then him). just a question i have been having for a while… anyone know the answer?

    • Quinn Loftis

      Peri is mid twenties looking. Just because Lucian is older than Vasile doesn’t necessarily mean he looks older.

  7. Lynda

    Please tell me when book 7 and book 8 of the grey wolves series will be coming out?

    • admin

      Book 7 Sacrifice of Love is already out! There is no book 8 at this point. There will be a prequel at some point.

  8. decebel

    My top 5 favourite Charatcers
    1) Jennifier :P
    2) Decebel >_<
    3) Vasile :D
    4) Jacque ^_^
    5) Sally :)
    How is your top 5 Favourite Charatcers?

    • Chantay Tay Tay

      @decebel: You and I pretty much agree with the top 5 fave ^.^ Howev, where you have Vasil, I have Costin and where you have Jacque, I have Adam. :)

    • Lea

      @decebel: idk…I love them all!!!

    • Kathryn

      My five Favorite our
      1. Jaqu
      2. Alina
      3. Costin
      4. Fane
      5. Dec

  9. Shyanne

    Just like many other readers, I stumbled upon your book series. I love to read, so one day I decided to browse the ibook free books selection. By chance I saw the “The Prince of Wolves” and said to myself “why not”. I fell in love with your series. Following your characters during their journey has been a great joy. Reading the Grey wolves, I’ve laughed, I’ve cry, I’ve even blushed *which I might add is hard for a black person to do*. When I finished the 6th book I was…. in all honesty scared. Scared that this AMAZING series that I’ve stumbled upon had come to an end. Needless to say, I am happy there will be two more books to the Grey Wolves, I’m just hoping everything will end okay for the characters, including my favorite couple Jacque and Fane. I’ve always been a sucker for the starting characters in series that follow more and one person. Because it’s the first book for me that you fell in love with and the character it follows; that will also be why Jacque is my favorite. Well, I’ve rambled on enough, thank you for the Grey Wolves and I anticipate reading more fantastic books from you!


    • admin

      Thank you so much Shyanne! So glad you’ve enjoyed the journey :)

      • lovefane2001

        I wanted to know if Quinn was going to make a movie about the grey wolf series because if he did that would be amazing!!!!!!

    • Tytianna

      You summed up like everything I was thinking in the most perfect paragraph!!

    • Lilly13

      @Shyanne: you said exactly what I always felt in the books!

    • Chantay Tay Tay

      @Shyanne: You said EVERYTHING I wanted to say and experienced with this series!!!

    • Kathryn

      That is spot on.:)

  10. HopelessRomWon

    Oh my GOD, I was up until 3 am to finish Fate and Fury… I cried like no other, I just couldn’t/can’t believe Decebel’s last move.

    PLEASE, PLEASE don’t let the Great Luna split the bond between Decebel and Jennifer… He’s my favorite character in the series (sorry Jacque/Fane)… the description of Dec had me fawning, and his protective ways over Jennifer, it just won’t be right if he’s taken out, he’s an Alpha, how will he manage his pack if the bond’s broken, I mean can’t the Fates give Jen a pass?

    Also, what about Lilly and Cypher? or Reyaz, his brother? Elle and Sorin, Crina and Adam, Cyn and Thalion… what happens to them? there’s gotta be at least 4 more books. I read this entire series in two weeks, and I can’t wait for books 7-11 (wishful thinking).

    Please Quinn, don’t let Decebel die or leave Jennifer and the baby. Also is an alert that will inform us of the next book?

    • Alice J. Carter

      I’m pretty sure the bond is already severed. there was an interesting fanfiction I read a while back about this and I would really like it if quinn would incorporate it somehow

  11. Zoe

    OH MY LORD. I love this series. I cant wait until the next book comes out. I cried at the end of Fate and Fury. Like balling. I thought I was gunna die, I swear my heart was about to give out. There is a point When you love a series so much that you read the books over and over again and feel as though the characters are your best friends and you’ve known them your whole lives. That’s when you become obsessed and can’t live without it. I passed that after the first paragraph in The Prince of Wolves. I found myself getting hysterically happy, sad, angry, shocked, and every other emotion. I need the next book out ASAP.

  12. Molly

    I just got reading them all in just 6 days lol I couldn’t put them down and feel like my heart is going to explode because how Fates of Fury ended I want to die and hope that’s not really how it’s going to play through uhhh I hope the series continues forever lol and definitely needs tv series or movies something everybody needs to know about your books!!! Funny too my so s name is Seifer but pronounced like Cypher crazy to see someone’s name like his!!! Quinn you rock!

  13. admin

    “Um, news flash, Dec. You never really courted me in the first place. You pretty much told me that I was yours and nearly killed any other man or wolf who breathed too close to me.”

    • steffanigeary

      @admin: This quote comes from Out of the Dark

    • steffanigeary

      @admin: I can’t tell if I was first or not…but thanks for the opportunity.

    • Angelica

      @admin: “He could hear her sarcasm and took that as a good sign, like maybe he had gotten through to her.”

      Excerpt From: Loftis, Quinn. “Out of the Dark, Book 4 the Grey Wolves Series.” iBooks.
      This material may be protected by copyright.

      • Angelica

        @Angelica: Out Of The Dark
        “He could hear her sarcasm and took that as a good sign, like maybe he had gotten through to her.”
        “And how exactly do you plan to court me, B?” she asked him
        “For Beta. Although I reserve the right to use it to call you a female dog when I deem it necessary.”

    • cassielee22

      Out of the Dark , Grey wolves series

    • SamanthaB

      If I remember correctly Out of the Dark

    • wolfgirl


    • ♣§h3iL∂

      @admin: Out of the Dark !! I really love The Grey Wolves Series !!

  14. Emanuela Ella

    I just finished Fate and Fury!!! It was REALLY good!!! Any idea on when next book will come out?!?!?!?!?!

  15. A-bee

    I’m half way through Fate and Fury, but I kind of forced myself to stop reading for a while because I go crazy whenever there is a cliffhanger which I know there will be one since you are writing more. I can’t wait for book 7!!! When it gets close to having that one released, then I will finish Fate and Fury. But then I will probably do the same thing for book 7 and the books after that until the last book is released. I know Quinn, you said that you were planning on only writing 8 books, but I’ve read lots of books (online) where the author said that they wee only writing 3 but they kept on getting more ideas and had to continue onto a 4th book. So I THINK you will most likely write more than 8 books. That’s just my opinion though. But your books are wonderful though!!! Can’t wait for me to eventually finish Fate and Fury and for book 7 to come out!!! ;D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  16. faque1amy

    How do u add a story for fan faction?

    • admin

      Hey Am, I think I responded to your email. If not, you can post in the fan fiction forums. Thanks for reading!

  17. Lauren

    When will Fate and fury be out in IBooks?

  18. Jackie

    I’m half way through Fate and Fury and my kindle is messed up… I’m so ready to finish the book I had the days counting down until it was released and now I can’t wait for the seventh!!!

  19. Elizabeth

    I’ve finished Fate and Fury and I’m ready for book 7, any idea on the time frame for the release of the next one? They’re great, I love them! Thanks for writing such fun, colorful and lovable characters.

  20. Thalia

    Yeah so do I!

  21. Annaie1

    can i buy the latest book in paperback ?? or do we have to wait awhile for them to be printed

  22. faque1amy

    I meant dont

  23. faque1amy

    I love ur books but i ont like the cliffhanger, i go crazy till i get the next book

    • faque1amy

      I meant dont like the cliff hangers, love everyone in the story

  24. Caroline

    When is Book 2 of Elfin coming out?

    • Renee

      i would like to know when book 2 of Elfin is coming out as well your books give me the little holiday from my life that everyone needs on occasion and just like the count down to a good holiday i would love a count down to the next Elfin Series just like the Grey Wolf Series.

  25. greywolfgurly

    Please make more then 8 books!! They’re so good!!! I dont know ahat to read after the grey series because your books are sooooo good!!!

    • greywolfgurly

      sorry. * what

    • Samantha

      I totally agree , don’t stop writing the grey wolf series they are AWSOME!

  26. greywolfgurly

    ya I would totally buy that!!!!

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  28. Brit

    My Kindle stop Working i started crying because my Grey Wolves Books are on there. The messed up part is i dont have warranty so i gotta send it bak to s if they’ll fix it or get a new one put my amazon account and hopes to god that all my books switch over

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