1. If I were a movie monster, I would be?

  2. What do I like to do in my spare time?

  3. What is my superpower?

  4. If I were a plant I would be?

  5. My enemies think I am...

  6. When I get angry I...

  7. Something I would never do is....

  8. My favorite flavor of popsicle is...

  9. If I were a drink I would be?

  10. If I were a dog I would be a?

54 Responses

  1. WolfWarrior

    Ok I retook the who is my mate and got decebel, so im Jen and my mates Decebel

  2. Brittany

    I’m Perizada and my mate is Sorin. Some how I just can’t seem to see these two fitting well together.

  3. Madison

    I’m Perizada and my mate is Vasile

  4. inedible stuff

    Jen as my character match and fane as my mate it’s possible

  5. Chantay Tay Tay

    Perizada and Fane? hmmmm… hey, it could happen. lol.

  6. Minni

    Sally as my character match and Sorin as my mate.

  7. meri

    I got Peri as my matching character and Decebel as my mate. Perfectly matched :)

  8. Laurel

    Got Sally and Adam! Who would have thought that combo?

  9. Shelby

    I got Sally and my mate Costin :)

  10. redwolf

    I got Peri and Costin …… I would love to see that relationship!

  11. Erica

    I am Jen and my mate is Decibel…. go figure lol

  12. Tag

    I got Elle and Vasille mmmmmm

  13. lovefane2001

    I got Jacque and Fane that is so funny!!!!!!!

  14. lovethegreywolves

    I got Perizada as my character and Vasile as my mate as of now i feel pretty powerful not going to lie. My favorite couple is Sally and Costin. I love the grey wolves series so much and Quinn is such an amazing author! <3

  15. Aranza

    HAHA i got a weird combination jen is my character and my mate is vasile

  16. AzBelle

    I got Jen with Decebel

  17. wolfgirl

    i got Jen and my mate was Costin

  18. shelbypink1

    I got Sally as my character and Costin as my mate. I thought that was really cool.

  19. Inner Jen

    I am Alina and i got Vasile as a mate.

  20. Alicia

    Okay so I got Alina as my character which is cool I like her. But here’s the catch and it’s kinda gross. Fane as my mate. Hmm not such a great pair LOL

  21. decebel

    I got Sally and Costin :D
    Sally: as my Charatcer
    Costin: as my mate

  22. Kendra

    I am Jen but got Adam as a mate lol love him also

  23. MellyD

    I got Vasile hahha I was so praying for Fane but his father will do lmao.

  24. Starr

    I got Elle for my character, and Adam for my Mate. Haha!

  25. WolfLover97

    Yeah! I got Costin for a mate! The funny thing is I got Sally as my character! I love all the couples from this series, but I love Sally and Costin a little more than the others. <3

  26. Nikki

    Yummy Yummy Costin <3

  27. grace

    Haha i got jacque and fane :) finding it funny coz im a readhead and act like her too :D

  28. Cammie

    YAY, I got Decebel. Woohooo

  29. luvwolves

    got Jen and Deceble- thats totally true except im not that crazy

    • wolfgirl177

      I got Jacquelyn and costin don’t mix

  30. datchyck

    I got Alina and Vasil i was not expecting that at all!!

  31. Mariah

    I got Jacque and fane as my mate yahoo score =)

  32. Meghan

    I got Jacque for the character thingy, and then Fane for this one, was not expecting that

  33. Hannah

    I got Jen on the Character quiz and Sorin as my mate

  34. Leigh Anne

    So cool! Cuz on the which character are you quiz I got Sally, and on the mate quiz I got Costin! I have always felt more of a connection to each of them and their type of relationship! :)

  35. thekrazies

    I got Adam… heh. ;) but I don’t think you can get Crina on the character quiz

  36. Peyton

    So I got Jen on the character quiz (not surprised) but then there was a game changer… I got Costin on this quiz. Then my sister took the character quiz, got Sally, then took the mate quiz and got Adam

  37. Jacqui

    I got sorin

  38. luisa was here

    i got decebel … on the character thing i got sallly …..

  39. Louise


    Determined and demanding, Fane’s unwavering devotion to you proves his love. His crystal blue eyes pierce your soul. Though complex and confusing to you at times, one thing remains constant, Fane’s undying dedication to you alone.

    Yep got Fane….interesting thought I might get Costin

  40. killy_bug

    Decebel! :) That made my day.

  41. sammie_bug

    I got Fane..but I wanted Costin!!! oh well Fane’s not that bad ;) :)

  42. Jenceble <3

    I got fane even though my character quiz told me I was jen.

  43. mazza213

    I got Fane!!!

  44. lori425

    i got costin

  45. Riley

    I GOT FANE YAY!!! Got the perfect mate with extra hotness!!! This just made my day!!!!

  46. jess123

    I’m Jen on the character thingi, I just did this twice with the exact same answers and first I got decibel, now I got Costin?

    • teenvamp13

      i got Jen. and my mate was Fane. hmmmmmmm very accurate. :)

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