The Grey Wolves Series Extra’s include things such as deleted scenes, never before seen letters, never before heard conversations, etc. Just another glimpse into the lives of the characters we’ve grown to love.


Poem for Drake


Darkness is all around me

Darkness is trying to consume me

Darkness for being alone

Darkness for my love hasn’t shown

Darkness is what I feel

Darkness is so real

Darkness creeping past the light

Darkness is what I try to fight

Darkness of an unmated soul

Darkness without my light, my love, my mate?

The one to whom I will claim

Darkness without my other half

The one to make me whole

The darkness is getting near

Darkness is my greatest fear

Fear that when my mate is near

my darkness won’t disappear.


Jennifer Louise Herrmann



I am the light I am the sun I am your love I am the one
Open your eyes and see me near open your eyes and see me here-
I look at you cnt look away By your side i want to stay.
I see your darkness i see your pain Im here for you just look again
I am your light I am your sun Im here for you the only one.
Your soul call out all through the night look at me I am you light
I am your soul your other half your shinning light your golden hart
do not disspare and hang your head low the light i hold will make the darkness go.
BY cARON king

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  1. lovefane2001

    Wow this is making me all emotional!!

  2. NaomiRena

    Awww I love them both! Hang in there Drake!

    • Montoria

      Hey Naomi!!!!!! Yeah I def agree hang in there Drakeee!!! Hopefully in Quinn’s new series she will give updates on the wolves. Bye Naomi!!!!@NaomiRena:

  3. thekrazies

    I love both of them!!

  4. Rosalyn

    That was great!

  5. Jennifer

    I just love this series and I felt a real connection to Drake and I felt this is how he felt before and after being in the Veil. Everyone else saw there loves being hurt and all he saw was the darkness because he hasn’t found her yet. And I love the reply poem to my poem. Just amazing Caron King…

  6. Misty


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