Jen’s letter from Decebel

This is a letter that Decebel wrote to Jen the night they decided to see where their relationship and the feelings they have will go. It’s the same night he tells her his wolf has claimed her.




My love,


I know I could have probably been a little more suave about how I announced my intentions towards you. Words have never been my forte’. However, I’m going to attempt as best I can to tell you what you, in the short time I’ve known you, have come to mean to me. No laughing allowed. 

The first moment I realized that you were going to be important to me was when I saw your still form lying on the side of the road next to the burning vehicle. You weren’t moving. In that moment I don’t think I had ever felt such fear. I knew then you mattered. I wasn’t exactly sure in what way, or capacity, but I knew you mattered to me.

During your time in the hospital my wolf grew more and more attached to you and so did I. Every day I looked forward to seeing you. I even looked forward to hearing whatever smart remark you would throw my way. When I was with you it was so hard not to just stare. I tried to memorize your face, your expressions, the sound of your voice, your scent so that I could recall them when we were apart.

When I found out that you were a potential mate to my kind two things happened. The first my wolf howled in triumph, he was convinced that you were ours. The second was complete and utter fear. As I’ve told you I know what it is to lose someone that I love, to be unable to protect someone who relies on you, to be completely helpless in the outcome of their fate. I ran from you, from us. That is why I was gone for those months.

Now, here around all these others, the idea of losing you is unacceptable to me and unbearable. There is something in me that just clicks into place when you are around. You bring my wolf peace and you fill my darkness with light.

Tonight I told you that I wanted you Jennifer. The real meaning behind those words was I love you.  

I love you. You are mine and I am yours. I will always protect you, care for you and provide for you. There is nothing or no one who will keep you from me.

Thank you baby, for being my light. For bringing me hope and accepting me as I am.


Forever yours,


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  1. NaomiRena

    Awwwwwwwwwsooo romantic!!

  2. Chantay Tay Tay

    I choked up. i literally choked up at the letter! it was so freakin awesome!

  3. Vinnie

    oh man its so touching i love jen n dec they r my favourite characters i wonder wat was jens response

  4. smiley_jay

    Swooned! I FREAKING SWOONED. Guys in books are also so much better than the ones in reality. WHY? :’)

    • Kara

      @smiley_jay: ikr i wish guys really were like most guys in books. they’re so romantic and sweet in books but in reality very few are like that. I always wonder why? guess that’s something we’ll probably never know…too bad.

  5. Courtney-Treasure

    Omg, love decebel and Jen, they are sooooooo my fav charectors.

  6. Nikki

    He amazes me more and more as I read these books and the extra stuff on this site he is perfect and that’s all I can say.

  7. Kaity


  8. Tears2

    That was an amazing letter. It’s too bad that he is stuck in the in-between. I can’t wait to see what will happen next. I love the romance in it, i wish i could have that with someone at one point.

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