Jennifer Adams and Decebel


Here is a conversation between Jen and Decebel that the readers didn’t get to see. This happens in Just One Drop. Jen and Decebel have just had it out about the incident during the self-defense training. They are sitting on the couch after everyone else had left. They are talking quietly before they both fall asleep.


“Are you really okay?” Jen asked him tentatively.

Decebel chuckled, “Was I that bad?”

Jen turned her head in his lap so that she could look up at him. Decebel’s amber eyes still glowed.

“Bad is putting it mildly my furry friend. You were ready to take out an entire pack.”

“He shouldn’t have put his hands on you Jennifer. I know you don’t understand, but to a male Canis lupis see his mate touched by another male is maddening. To see someone do it to you in such an intimate way and hurting you at the same time,” Decebel was beginning to growl again, “by all rights if there were mating signs between us I could kill him for his impudence.”

Jen reached up with her hand and gently caressed his face trying to smooth out the frown lines, “No more frowning or growling. I’m here, I’m safe, I’m yours.”

“Mine,” Decebel agreed as he ran his hand up and down her thigh to hip.

“Can I ask you a question?” Jen quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Only if I can ask one back,” he winked at her.

“What did you think about me the first time you realized something was there between us?”

Decebel closed his eyes and Jen decided he must be thinking back to that day. She waited, watching his handsome face.

“You were laying lifeless on the grass. You weren’t moving,” Decebel’s voice was soft, and it sounded painful for him to speak, “I remember running to you. You were all I could see. Your skin was so burned. I was afraid to touch you, afraid I hurt you worse. When the EMT’s took you it took everything in me not to tear their throats out for touching you. The only thing holding my wolf back was reminding him and myself that they could help you. They could save you and they had to save you because you belonged to me.” Decebel looked down and opened his eyes. They met hers and he held her stare as he spoke, “That was the first time I thought it, that you were mine. It was so right, so true. My wolf knew without a doubt that you were our mate. Once you woke up and I was able to talk to you, I didn’t know how to handle my emotions. I was worried I would scare you, and I didn’t understand how I could feel the way I did because you weren’t Canis lupis. I watched you sleep. I just needed to see you breathe. I couldn’t stand not having you in my sight.”

Jen’s breath was shallow. She felt like all the air had been pushed from her lungs as she listened to Decebel tell her about his feelings for her from the beginning. She had no idea it was so intense even then.

Decebel leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips and whispered, “Your turn.”

He grinned wickedly at her when she frowned.

“Same question?” She asked. He nodded.

“I thought you were amazing.”

“Amazing? Wow, didn’t realize my first impressions were so good.”

Jen swatted him, “I’m not finished.”

Decebel chuckled, “I’m sorry baby, go ahead.”

“As I was saying, I was just at time speechless when I saw you. I mean I played things off, you know, didn’t want to come across as the drooling teenager, but inside, inside I was drowning in my emotions for you. You were so confident, so handsome, so untouchable. I hated you and loved you at the same time. Hated you because I could never have you, loved you because something in me recognized that we would be good together.”

“Better than good love,” Decebel spoke softly, his eyes conveying the depth of emotion that filled his voice.

“I’m so glad that you came to America with Vasile.”

“Me too Jennifer,” Decebel was shaking his head, “You have no idea how glad. I nearly didn’t come. Vasile wanted to leave me in charge of the pack. But my wolf was restless about the idea. I told Vasile that and he told me to listen to my wolf. He knew you were here. Just the thought of having missed you.”

“Shh,” Jen soothed running her fingers through his hair, “But you didn’t miss me. I’m here. We’re together. And now my handsome man you are stuck with me. You really should ask for a consolation prize.”

Decebel smiled at the her, one of the only people that could ever get a smile from him.

“You are my everything,” he whispered as he kissed her again before she could give him one of her smart mouth retorts. No doubt he would have loved it.


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  1. Vinnie

    oh man please write it in the coming book into the fae

    • NaomiRena

      I totally agree this scene is sweet, should have been in JOD

  2. Kimberly

    I loved that scene… so sweet! Thank you for posting it so we could read it :)


  3. CityofWolves16

    Omfg ( oh my freaking gosh) that was so romantic, I’m a die hard romantic and just love Jen and dec together, there my fav charectors in the book can’t wait for the next book

  4. SamanthaB

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. faque1amy

    Touching moment in their relationship

  6. faque1amy

    Loved that moment

  7. Ema

    Too sweet, I love how they love each other. All the couples, how they show their devotion, beautiful.

  8. Marisa

    ok im reading all these things here and there just making me more desperet. Fate and Fury cant come fast enough!

    • ShadowSister

      AaaaaaaaMen! And OMG My name’s Marissa too!!! :D

  9. Tears2

    I loved that. It was soooooo cute. I hope they have a perfect family. I could just imagian them with little kids!! They would be so cute.!!! They are so perfect for each other!!!

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