Quinn Loftis Interview with Jennifer Adams

from Blood Rites, Book 2 in the Grey Wolves Series








QL: Jen, on behalf of the readers I just want to say thank you for joining me today and allowing us to ask you some questions so we can get to know you.

JA: Thank you for having me. I am all about some PR, juicy tid bits, and all that jazz.

QL: You, Jacque and Sally have been friends for a very long time, has there ever been a time in your relationship where you were on the outs so to speak?

JA: Hmm, well honestly the three of us are way to vocal to ever give one another the silent treatment, at least not for long any way, and by not for long I mean less than a minute. There have been times when we were definitely on the verge of possible mudslinging. Let’s see, well there was this one time that Jacque and I got into it, I don’t even remember what it was about but she pi…oh I bet I’m not suppose to use that word, well, she ticked me off so bad that during lunch I went out to the student parking lot and put a piece of paper under every windshield wiper, “for a good time call” with her number and below that it said, “or I do laundry as well.” It was hilarious…okay so maybe a little much. Jacque retaliated by super gluing pretty much anything of mine she could get her hands on, my locker, my pens and pencils, the zipper on my back pack. It was a major bi…crap sorry, it was a pain trying to keep an eye on all my stuff so she couldn’t get her grubby paws, (no pun intended since at the time I didn’t know she was part fur ball), on my things. Sally finally made us call a truce.

QL: Sounds like you all have a very intense friendship.

JA: Intense is definitely a good word for it. But despite all of our drama, Jacque and Sally are as good as blood to me.

QL: So in light of recent events how has having this fierce friendship with them helped you get through the difficult situations you all have gone through.

JA: I can’t imagine going through all we have been through and not having each other. I mean a car crash, nearly being burned alive, a super hot, bossy werewolf who I shouldn’t have feelings for, my best friend being taken, getting wasted in a hospital…how could anybody get through all that and not have a support system? I would need some serious Prozac if I didn’t have a dose of Jacque and Sally a day.

QL: Ok Jen, just remember you brought it up. This hot, bossy werewolf…what’s up with that?

JA: Nice, you had to go there didn’t you Quinn. Well, I don’t know what there is to say about it. He drives me insane, he’s grumpy, brooding, handsome, mysterious…crap, I just keep telling myself he has fleas and that’s never good for any relationship.

QL: Digressing a little, what were your thoughts when you discovered werewolves were not really things only found in books or the movies?

JA: Let see, I believe there was a whole lot of , WTH. There were some definite are you freaking kidding me’s and there might have been one or two bloody hell’s thrown in for good measure. I mean it was a shock for sure, but really am I surprised, look at our world. Okay I’m going to get deep for a sec, we live in a world where babies start as a teeny tiny jelly bean. Yes I listen occasionally in biology. We live in a world where animals come in black and white stripes, and spots. We live in a world where the deepest part of the ocean has yet to be discovered, the farthest parts of space yet to be explored, why can’t there be werewolves? Okay, I’m done being deep. I only give out one deep moment a day so don’t expect anything profound from here on out.

QL: Okay, last question. Well, two questions. Everyone is dying to know what you whispered in Decebel’s ear that caused such a reaction from him, and what really happened with Matty?

At this point in the interview Jen is rolling she is laughing so hard.

JA: Man, wasn’t the look on his face priceless! That was such an American Express Card moment. But really Q, I can’t share that information or I’d have to kill you. (She laughs more). Matty, well let’s just say that Sally’s song still applied at the end of the night.

QL: Okay, well thank you again for giving us some of your time and we look forward to seeing more of you in Just One Drop, Book 3.

JA: Thank you for having me, and if you thought Blood Rites lit your fire, well let’s just say that Just One Drop is like pouring lighter fluid on that flame.

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