Salute to our Soldiers

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I Bleed Red, White and Blue

Once upon a time a nation was born,

brought forth at the tip of a sword, given life by the blood of free men.

Nurtured and protected by those that had sworn,

then divided and crushed over and over again.

Once upon a time there were those who stood for more,

they did not back down, they refused to let that nation fall

As bombs crashed, and cannons boomed across the night they tore,

They gave and gave until they’d given their all.

And like a phoenix rising from the ashes that nation stood proud.

Over and over they’ve been tested and tried,

Their battle cry is always the same and always just as loud,

Freedom is their cause, and only from their cold dead hands can it be pried.

We are that nation, under God, whole and free,

because of those who give everything in everything they do,

Every soldier in every branch this is our plea,

Don’t stop, for us you give, you fight, you bleed red, white and blue.

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