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  1. when is the 8th book coming out? I am so excited!

  2. Quinn,
    me and my friend are HUGE fans of your ‘prince of wolves’ series! We are very excited for the 8th book to be published! We also hope that there will be more on fane and jacque’s bundle of joy :)

  3. What’s Jens favorite P word?? I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember abd its driving me crazy!! Lol

  4. Quinn you are a genius these books are brilliant thankyou for writing these. Whenever I feel down I read one of the books and jen always makes my day. So thankyou and keep writing!

  5. The Gws should be no where near done. F&J have yet to announce there pregnant. Peri and Vasile’s brother have just begun. Fane is a prince.. when will he step up and take his fathers place? Sally’s life has just begun as a gypsy healer. And who would have thought lilly would be a worlocks mate. Lives are just beginning. The story can not end anytime soon. Nope. That would not be right at all.

    • I completely agree. Too many interesting things have just started for this to be the end. Jacque’s pregnancy has to be read about, and Peri and Vasile’s brother. Also whats going to happen in the future for Sally and Costin.

  6. Lets hope they make a movie based on this series….i would go and watch it everyday in the theaters!!

  7. I have been thinking for a while and I came up with two questions that I would like to ask. The first question is for the Grey Wolf series is a human able to be partially Fae? the second question is that if that is so can they be a potential mate for a Grey Wolf?

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