Jen and Decebel kindly agreed to do a short interview for us allowing us to get a glimpse into their relationship and the trials they face as a couple.

Jen and Decebel are sitting here with me. They are on the couch across from me, Jen has her legs swung across Decebel’s lap. She is bare foot and he has one hand resting on her leg and the other absent mindedly rubbing her foot.






Quinn: Jen what is one quality in Decebel that you feel compliments you best as his mate?


Jen: Hmm, that’s a tough one because I think that Dec as a whole compliments me. But probably the most important is his steadfastness. (She laughs) Yes I just did say steadfastness and I will never hear the end of it from my girls, so not a word Quinn (pointing her finger at me). But seriously Decebel is a straight arrow. If he says he’s going to do something, then he does it. I don’t have to wonder from day to day if I can rely on him. I mean, as we all know with all the crap going down I need someone I can rely on, our pack needs someone we can rely on. So, yeah, I’d say that’s one that compliments me because it leads me to trust him and let’s face it, can’t have a relationship without trust. (Claps her hands together ) I’m on a role today, just call me Dr. Phil and give Oprah a ring to do a special. (Decebel chuckles at his mate and pats her legs).


Quinn: Decebel, was Jen anything like what you thought your mate would be?


Decebel: Honestly, I never thought I’d find my mate. After 126 years you begin to give up hope. That said, she’s more than I could have hoped for. (Decebel looks over at Jen and gently caresses her face with his finger. He looks at her the entire time he answers my question…can we say swoon). She’s brave, bold, selfless, honorable and loyal. I can truthfully say there is none better suited to be my mate than Jennifer. (Jen winks at him and I see her mouth, I love you, to him. I feel like an intruder in a very private moment)


Quinn: Jen how has your relationship with Jacque and Sally changed since you and Decebel found each other?


Jen: Not much has changed really. I mean other than Jacque rubbing in the fact that she gets to get her freak on with Fane- Yes I’m sure y’all didn’t want that visual (she lets out a cackle) then again some of you pervs probably are dying for details. Okay anyway, I mean, we have to balance out time obviously. Male Canis lupis tend to be a little greedy with their mates (Decebel actually rolls his eyes at Jen when she says this).  We try to spend time together every day, that girl time is important to staying who we are in all this mess. Decebel understands that I need them and when he gets whiny, yes he really does whine sometimes (Now she yelps because Decebel has surreptitiously pinched her). What, (she looks at him indignantly), you do whine don’t even try to look all innocent. (Jen looks back at me) He doesn’t do innocent very well does he. (I hold my hands up and tell her I’m a neutral party. At this Decebel laughs at Jen as she glares at me). To finish your question, my girls are important to me, Dec knows this and even encourages me to maintain the closeness I have with my girls.


Quinn: Okay, Decebel last question, I know you guys are busy. What would you be doing right now if you hadn’t found Jen?


Decebel: (He turns again and looks at Jen and I can see the pain in his eyes. Pain at the idea of not having her. A very poignant moment.) I would be fighting the darkness that plaques the males of my race. I wouldn’t feel the joy or happiness I feel right now. I wouldn’t feel the hope that, even amidst all that is going on, I still feel simply because I have Jennifer. (He looks back at me and pins me with those amber eyes) I don’t like to even consider, or wonder what my life would look like without her in it. It’s not something that anyone can understand unless they have been in the darkness and come into the light. (Jen reaches up and places her hand on his face turning it so he is looking at her. She whispers to him and the lines and stress that was just there are gone. His face smoothes back out and the softness that only comes in his eyes when he looks at Jen is back).


Quinn: I want to thank you guys for your time, I know I kept it brief but I know you have a lot on your plates. I along with all your fans wish you the best as your move forward in your journey. Thank you for your time.


Jen surprises me when she stands up and hugs me. Decebel gives me a single head nod and then stands. He takes Jen by the hand and tugs her to his side. As their walking a way I hear her mutter something to her which gets her a slap on the butt. Jen looks over her shoulder at me and winks.

I can honestly say that I can’t remember being in a room where two people seem to suck the oxygen right out of it just by their mere presence.




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