Costin and Sally have agreed to meet me at Costin’s bar in Romanian.  It was a long trip for me, but I wanted them to be comfortable so as to be as open and honest with me as possible.  We are sitting at a round table in a corner.  Costin has just taken his fingers from Sally’s hair, who has been blushing like a schoolgirl all the while.
Quinn:  Sally, you’re blushing.  Despite being married do you find it hard to accept how affectionate Costin is with you?
Sally: Whether we are married or not does not determine how comfortable I am with public displays of affections. And motives aren’t always what they seem. *still blushing*
Costin: *grins* I don’t deny loving to touch my mate, but she knows I love watching her squirm.
Quinn:  Costin, you are pretty young compared to most of the other wolves.  Did you ever think that you would find your mate this quickly, and has it sparked any jealousy in any of your packmates?
Costin: It is definitely rare to find a mate when you are under a century old, and I feel completely blessed to have found Sally. And I can see how you might think there would be jealousy, but for the most part other males actually find hope when one of us finds our mate. They find hope because it shows them that their mates are out there somewhere, in this huge world with millions of people, our mates are out there waiting for us to find them.
Quinn:  Sally, how does it feel to know that you are Healer to the most powerful pack of Canis lupus in the world?  How have you handled that monumental task?
 Sally: Well, thank you Quinn for not making me feel any pressure about my job. *laughs nervously*. It is definitely overwhelming. I think I can only take it one day at a time, and since we have generally either been trying to stay alive or save the world, I haven’t had much time to sit around and dwell on it, thankfully.
Quinn:  Sally, it seems like you are continually having to help your friends out of one bad situation after another. Did you have to do the same thing back in Texas?  Give us a story or two about Jen and Jacque?
 Sally: *laughs* Oh man, Jen would totally kill me if I shared any of her stories without her.
Jen: *Comes in rubbing her hands together with a wicked smile* Share away my wallflower friend. And I only want to be here because you leave out all the good parts.
Sally: *rolls her eyes* How did you get away from that mate of yours?
Costin: I have a feeling she didn’t really escape.
Jen: Right you are dimple boy, Dec is parking the car, so hurry up gypsy and share something juicy before he gets in to give me his shame on you Jennifer for partying like an animal and taking your clothes off face.
Sally:*taps her finger against her lips* Hmm, okay let me think of something good. Oh *snaps her fingers* got it, remember that time at Steven Tyler, *pauses looks at me* yes that’s really his name, any way, at Steven Tyler’s party?
Jen: *laughs* Man, good times.
Sally: So what happened was, we go to this guy’s party, it’s right before junior year and he was having a, oh crap what did he call it. *bites lip* Oh, yeah an end of summer fling. The theme was basically to hook up with whoever, hence the fling. Anyways, we all go…not with the intention of hooking up as much as with the intention of taking photos of everyone making idiots of themselves.
Jen: It’s always smart to have leverage in high school. *winks*
Sally: Anyways, so we get there and the party is in full swing, we walk around taking pics, laughing at idiots, Jen is fending off the guys as usual. So sometime around midnight Jen runs off to go to the bathroom and, no lie, while she is gone the cops show up. They don’t come in with sirens blaring, because the dad of one of the kids was chief of police and he heard the party was going to be going on. Anyways, everyone makes a run for it because of course there’s alcohol flowing like Niagara falls. Jacque and I are freaking out because we don’t know whether to make a break for it or wait for Jen.
Jen: You guys must not have thought about it too hard, you bitches *narrows her eyes at Sally, who simply shrugs.
Sally: You got out of it so quit your whining. Anyway, we took off, but we didn’t leave, we just waited down the street in Jen’s car. Jen comes out of the bathroom with, *laughing,* get this, she actually walks out with a bottle of vodka in her hand. Okay *laughing harder* you have to tell them the rest.
Jen: *rolls her eyes* Oh for crying out loud get it right if you’re going to tell it. I walk out of the bathroom and I’m carrying a bottle of Tequila, not Vodka. It was in the freaking toilet floating around with an umbrella in it like it was a freaking ship or something, so I took it out before I pee’d thank you very much, and then thought I should put it in the trash can that wasn’t in the bathroom. So I walk out and make it to the living room where I find three cops talking to Steven and a couple other guys. I’m standing there looking like a freaking deer in headlights holding a bottle of liquor, empty mind you, though I don’t think that really helped my story at the time. So I’m trying to explain to them about the bottle being in the toilet like a ship and it sounds all weird because I’m nervous so they’re thinking I’m wasted. They make me walk out to their car to take a breathalyzer test and when I look out across the street my two best buds are laughing their butts off in my car. Once the cops see I don’t have a lick of alcohol in my system I’m thinking they’ll just let me go. *Huffs* yeah, not so much. They freaking called my mom. So I had to wait for her to come pick me up while Thelma and Louise sat in my car snickering at me.
Sally: So you see Quinn, I don’t always come to their rescue, sometimes its funner to just sit back and enjoy Jen’s, I mean, the show.
Quinn:  Last question is for Costin.  Costin, Sally is perhaps the most important member of the pack, some might even say more important than the pack Alphas.  It is your job to protect her, is it not?  How do you handle that responsibility?
Costin: Like Sally said, it’s one day at a time. I know that I’m not perfect and I can’t protect her from everything, but I will do everything that I can to keep her safe. The great thing about pack though is that we have each others backs. We aren’t just individuals, or individual couples, we are all one, and we live and die together. We protect not just our own mates, but the mates of our brothers as well. So I know that I’m not the only one watching out for my healer, there is a whole pack, and sometimes two, keeping her safe.

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