Chapter 2

“Light Elves have one mate, their chosen. They love that one with totality and unquestioning faithfulness. For all the darkness that lives inside a Dark Elf, for all the evil that is innately born in them, they too have one mate. And whatever the reason, the ferocity and intensity they love their chosen with is neither lessoned by their evil nor sacrificed because of who and what they are.” ~Myrin, Advisor to Lorsan


Trik stood leaning up against a large tree in the deserted park, the lateness of the night having driven the humans to the perceived safety of their homes. He debated whether to go and report back to Lorsan or wait until he had his emotions under better control. He didn’t want to get into what had happened with the beautiful girl. Cassie. He had plucked her name from her mind when he had touched her. As soon as his skin had made contact with hers it was evident to him that her beauty wasn’t just skin deep. She was beautiful down to the deepest part of her soul, and that should be enough to make him stay away. But he knew he wouldn’t, especially since she had seen the Light Elves in their true form. For all the good in the Light Elves, they still lived according to their laws and a human who had seen them in their true form had forfeited their life- whether it was their fault or not. As soon as she had walked into the room where he had been spying on the Light Elves and turned to look at him she owned him. There was no way he would let Tamsin and his band of goody two shoes touch a single hair on her head.

He shook his head and chuckled as he remembered the look in her eyes when he had told her that he was hers. What he hadn’t said, what would have probably sent her running straight into the arms of the ones searching for her, was that not only was he hers, but she was his. And that was why he couldn’t go see his King right then.

He pushed away from the tree and decided to head for one of the many businesses their people owned. It would do him good to surround himself with some good, old fashioned greed to remind him of who and what he was. Like the Light Elves, the Dark Elves had businesses in the human realm. It was a good way to justify coming here to keep tabs on the other species that decided to make this realm their home. But where the Light Elves business had to do with the wellbeing of the earth the Dark Elves business had everything to with self-indulgence, feeding off of the baser needs of humans and the potential for darkness and evil deep in their hearts.

Deciding he needed a distraction from the beautiful human he headed in the direction of the stores just beyond the park. He found what he was looking for in a large glass front window where he could see his reflection. The Elves could travel from realm to realm and to other cities using mirrors or glass, as long as there was a reflection of themselves in it. They needed only to think of where they wanted to go and then step into the glass. He pictured the lights of Vegas in his mind and took step forward his leg slipping easily through the glass followed by the rest of his body. On the other side he stood in front of Iniquity, one of the many casinos in Las Vegas that his people owned. The bright lights flashed across his face and the city noise and chatter of humans was music to his ears. He could feel the greed, the lust and the depression that swirled around the city in a thick fog. He took a deep breath smiling as he thought, this is where I belong, not drooling over some human girl. Yet even as the though passed through his mind he knew he would see her again. He headed into the casino hoping to find one of the few humans he dared to call a friend and hopefully a good card game.



“So, why exactly were you hiding in that conference room?” Cassie’s father asked as they walked out to the parking lot after having locked up his office.

Cassie had been trying to figure out what to tell her father. She didn’t want to freak him out nor did she want to sound like she was off her rocker, but she didn’t want to lie to him either.

“Are there any unusual people who work in your building?” She asked carefully.

“What do you mean by unusual?” He asked as they arrived at her car.

“Like long, shiny hair, and unusual colored eyes and pointy ears unusual?” Cassie cringed as she said the last part. She knew how it sounded, and the look on her father’s face just confirmed the sanity and lack thereof in her statement.

He thought for a moment before he spoke. “The owners of our company are a little odd looking.”

Cassie jumped on that statement, “Odd how?”

Her dad scrounged up his face as he tried to describe them. Of course a man trying to describe anyone in even a minute amount of detail was a little bit of a stretch.

“Well, they don’t have long hair, or pointy ears, but they are,” he scratched his forehead and searched for the words, “well, for lack of a better term, beautiful.”

Cassie’s mouth dropped open and her mind jumped to the tall, incredibly handsome, and yes, beautiful, guy who called himself Trik. She remembered how his appearance had seemed to shift before her very eyes, though both forms were unbelievably beautiful.

“They don’t have long shiny hair?” She asked.

Once again her father looked at her like she had grown a second head.

“No. No long shiny hair. Are you sure you are alright?” he asked her cautiously.

Cassie thought for a moment before she answered her father, “I’m alright,” she nodded, “maybe they were just dressed in their Halloween costumes or something.” The tone of her voice made it very clear that she didn’t believe her words.

“Maybe you need to get more sleep,” her dad offered.

Cassie nodded in agreement, though she knew that what she had seen had nothing to do with sleep. She climbed into her car telling her dad she would meet him at home.

“Be careful,” he told her as she always did when she was getting in her car.


Cassie sat on her bed as she dialed Elora’s number. She had gotten ready for bed, allowing herself to gather her thoughts and try to gather the words she would use to describe to Elora just what she had seen tonight. The phone rang four times before Elora answered.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“How did you know something was wrong?” Cassie asked.

Cassie could swear she could almost see Elora rolling her eyes.

“It’s eleven o’clock. You only call me this late if there is some sort of issue. So let’s get on with it so that we can get some sleep.”

Cassie was use to her friend’s abrupt and often times rude behavior. Others might have gotten offended, but Cassie knew that Elora didn’t mean anything by it, it was just the way she was.

“I think I’m going crazy,” she began unable to hide the nervousness in her voice.

“You are going to have to give me more than that.” Elora told her dryly

Cassie jumped into the details of her night without hesitation making sure not to leave out even the smallest of details. When she finished she sat quietly waiting for her friend’s reaction. After several heart beats of silence Elora finally spoke.

“So what I hear you saying is that you saw some incredibly handsome men with pointy ears, shiny hair and freaky eyes in one of the conference rooms of your dads building?” She summarized and Cassie let out a breath of relief as she heard the belief in her friend’s voice.

“Yes,” she answered simply.

“Then you ran into another incredibly handsome guy who seemed to flicker between two different appearances?”

“Exactly,” she answered again.

“Well, I have two theories,” She paused in thought. “We could be dealing with one of two different species, Elves or Fae.”

Cassie choked as she swallowed. “You’re telling me that you really believe that they aren’t human?”

“Definitely,” she answered matter of fact like. “Do you have another explanation?”

“Halloween costumes,” Cassie answered lamely.

Elora snorted, “You believe that about as much as you believe in Santa Clause.”

“But you would have me believe that there are two other species besides ours that exist?”

“Yes. Can you honestly tell me that in this whole world that you think we are the only beings besides the animals?”

“How could they have kept themselves a secret for so long?” Cassie challenged.

“Oh come on Cass, just because we haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean others have not. Let’s just go with this theory for now. I will do some research and ask Lisa. Now, you said this Trik character said that he would see you again and that he was yours?”

Cassie nodded absently only to remember her friend could not see her through the phone.

“Yes,” she answered.

“That means that you need to keep your eyes open. If you see him again, ask him what he is.”

“Just like that? Isn’t that kind of rude?” Cassie huffed.

“How else are you going to find out if he isn’t human?”

“Fine,” Cassie said dryly, “I’ll ask the incredibly hot weirdo just exactly what he is. That should go over real well.”

“We aren’t going to figure out anything more tonight so try and get some sleep.” Elora told her before she abruptly hung up.

Another of the strange behavior that Elora exhibited, she didn’t not believe in goodbyes so she simply did not say them.

“Yeah, fat chance on the whole sleep thing,” Cassie told her empty room.

She lay back on her bed not bothering to get under the covers. She closed her eyes and Trik’s face appeared despite her attempt to push him from her thoughts, as well as the connection she had felt towards him.  Deciding it was useless to try to prevent it she decided to enjoy the view.


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