Contemporary Romance Novels

(written under the pen name Alyson Drake)

Seventeen-year-old Tally Baker is convinced her life is over. Recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after being found bleeding on the bathroom floor, Tally is admitted to Mercy Psychiatric Facility. Within the confines of Mercy, simply getting out of bed is considered a triumph. Now she knows she'll never be a normal teenager again.

When Trey Swift, the son of a new patient, begins visiting Mercy, Tally finds a reason to strive for the coveted and ever-elusive normalcy. His daily visits blossom into a deep friendship, one where Tally Baker isn't a mental patient, but an ordinary girl with ordinary problems. When Trey decides to take their relationship to the next level, Tally realizes her world is about to come crashing down again. When he finds out the truth about Tally, Trey is sure to leave her for good, right along with her sanity.