Contemporary Romance Novels

(written under the pen name Alyson Drake)

Call Me Crazy


Seventeen-year-old Tally Baker is convinced her life is over. Recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after being found bleeding on the bathroom floor, Tally is admitted to Mercy Psychiatric Facility. Within the confines of Mercy, simply getting out of bed is considered a triumph. Now she knows she'll never be a normal teenager again.

When Trey Swift, the son of a new patient, begins visiting Mercy, Tally finds a reason to strive for the coveted and ever-elusive normalcy. His daily visits blossom into a deep friendship, one where Tally Baker isn't a mental patient, but an ordinary girl with ordinary problems. When Trey decides to take their relationship to the next level, Tally realizes her world is about to come crashing down again. When he finds out the truth about Tally, Trey is sure to leave her for good, right along with her sanity.


A Sparrow for Job


Sparrow James, recent high school graduate, is destitute, homeless, and completely alone…until an eccentric elderly woman named Etta White offers her a job as a live-in helper. The two quickly form a bond of friendship that goes far beyond employer/employee. When Sparrow meets Etta’s son, a soldier home on leave, the pair begin corresponding via letter, neither realizing the missives are exactly what they both need to heal their broken lives. But Job’s letters stop, and Sparrow fears the worst. If that’s not bad enough, Sparrow finds out Etta is battling cancer, and the woman’s time may be short. Sparrow’s world begins to crumble around her and the only one that can stop the destruction is a soldier missing on the other side of the world. Job and Etta…soldier and mother. Sparrow’s only lifelines in a cold, cruel world. What will Sparrow do when those two abruptly snap?


Like all young couples, Jason O’Neal and his wife, Bethany, imagined a long and happy life with their children. But when Jason loses his family to a tragic accident, his storybook life dies with them on a two-lane highway. Unable to cope with the loss, Jason makes a last-ditch effort to find peace with their deaths. He plans to fulfill Bethany’s dream of visiting all fifty states, leaving mementos of his family along the way.

Samantha Showalter knows heartache after being left crying in an empty parking lot at the end of a three-year, abusive relationship. Seven months later, she’s rebuilding her life through sheer force of will, until her ex-fiancé shows up at her doorstep unannounced. But Samantha's best friend has a plan to help Sam let go of her past once and for all ... and finally find herself again.

Fate, with a little help from a meddling best friend, will bring two broken souls together. Both have their own valleys to cross before either can hope for a future of happiness.

Will Jason and Samantha find peace in each other, or will their past pain be too much to overcome?

The answer will be found on the open road.


The Open Road