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Character Interviews

Interview with Decebel, Alpha of the Serbian Pack and Mate to Jennifer *How does it feel to be an Alpha again? Like putting on a well worn glove that has been off for far too long. I’m an Alpha, it’s who I am and refusing to take that roll was tearing me apart though I did not realize it. But I couldn’t be a good Alpha without my mate at my side, so maybe that’s why it has taken so long. I was waiting for the brat to grow up. *Do you miss being a Beta at all? If so, what is it? I miss having the closeness that I had with Vasile. There is something special between and Alpha and his Beta. *Does Jen really annoy you that much? Would you change anything about her? Frustrate me, drive me insane, worry me, keep me alert and on my toes—yes, annoy me—no. I could not and would not change a thing about her because then she would not be my Jennifer. *What did you truly think when you finally figured out that Jen was your mate? The Fates knew what they were doing when they destined her for me. I could not be with someone with less spine than her, I would crush their spirit. I could not be with someone who didn’t know her worth and have her own confidence in herself because I’m so dominate that it’s her confidence that will help my wolf not try to put her in a bubble to keep her safe from every little thing. *In Just One Drop and Out Of The Dark Fane and you seem to grow a bit closer as “friends”, do you still have that relationship? For so long Fane has been Vasile’s son, and I didn’t realize that he had grown into a strong, dominant male. When we were going through all of those difficult situations and I was seeing him protect his mate, I realized for the first time that Fane was no longer the boy I knew, but nearly close to my equal and one day will be. *What is your favorite song that Jen has “danced” too? (hehe!) A song that was played in the privacy of our bedroom where for once I was her only audience and unlike my mate I do not share what goes on behind closed doors. *Since we only know a little bit about your past, what is your favorite childhood memory? When I was young it was a nightly ritual for us to gather around the fire just before bed and my father would tell us a story. He was the best story teller. I don’t talk about my past much, but that is a time I like to remember. *What do you really do in your downtime? *chuckles* You ask like it must be something utterly interesting. I spend time sparring with Jennifer, teaching her how to defend herself in her human and wolf form. I enjoy reading, though I prefer to read the classics. And I love to just sit with my mate and listen to her talk—she rarely stops but that’s alright because I love the way she makes me laugh. I’ve met no other who makes me laugh and feel at ease even in these dark times the way she can. *How are you handling the ultimatum the Fates have thrown at you? *Deep sigh* How does any man handle the idea of losing his child, and knowing his mate will suffer such a devastating loss? I’ve made a choice. It is not one that I am totally at ease with, but it is necessary and sometimes what is necessary sucks. Jennifer will always come first, and I know she won’t handle my choice well, but she will live, and our daughter will live and that is what matters to me.

Interview with Costin of the Grey Wolves Hi everyone! I’m here today with Costin . He has agreed to answer a few questions for us. As we all know at the end of Out Of The Dark there was some questions as to the nature of his relationship with Sally. Hopefully today we can get a small look into that. *Costin is sitting on the love seat across from me. He’s leaned back with one arm across the back of the loveseat, looking for all the world like a model for GQ. Me: Costin, how are you doing? Costin: *big grin, heart flutters* I’m doing well Quinn, how are you? Me: I’m good thank you. How are you and Sally handling this news, the possibility that you might be true mates? Costin: There is more than a possibility, we ARE true mates. Sally is mine. I can’t speak for her, but I’m beyond excited. She’s amazing. I’ve been waiting a while for her. Not as long as some of the other males but long enough. Me: Why exactly are you a bartender? Costin: *grins and settles in like he’s getting ready to tell a good story* Well a few years back Vasile was worried that we had some spies from the other packs coming into our territory. You have to remember that we are only now really beginning to try and cooperate with one another in a long time. So Vasile decided a great way to keep an eye on things was to put me out in the town as a bar tender at the local pub. Me: Why you? No offense. But Vasile is calculating, there would be a reason he chose you. Costin: Very astute aren’t you? There is a reason it was me. *leans forward to whisper conspiratorially* You see, I can mask it. Me: *whisper back* Mask what? Costin: *chuckles* My dominance. When a dominant male walks into a room, it’s like the room gets smaller. All that personality and power in him expands to those around him. People,whether they realize it or not, follow him with their eyes. They want to know what he says because they instinctively know it will be important. A dominant male cannot blend into his surroundings. He does exactly what his title suggests, he dominates, his surroundings, people, situations. He is always in charge. An Alpha takes that dominance to a whole new level. Me: So you’re a dominant? Costin: *big grin* Scary thought right? Me: *laugh* No, just not what any of us expected. You’re so fun, and happy while Vasile and Decebel are so.. Costin: Not Me: Exactly! What’s up with that? Costin: Although a lot of times certain personalities do tend to gravitate in one direction when you are talking about dominants and submissives, there is always an exception to the rule. *points to himself* Me: So how do you hide it? Costin: I’m able to pull my power in and wrap it up. I don’t really know how else to describe it. It’s like I can tuck it away and pull out the *makes quotations with fingers* fun-loving Costin. People tend to like me, if you haven’t noticed *dimple grin* and when people like you, they talk. Me: Why didn’t Vasile just send a submissive? Costin: Because if trouble had come calling and it was in the form of an Alpha or dominant a sub wouldn’t have a chance all by himself. I may be easy on the eyes, and like a good laugh as much as the next, but make no mistake Quinn, I will kill anyone I have to to keep mine safe. Me: *eyes wide at seeing Costin become so serious, really freaky* Yours? Costin: Yes mine, as in my pack, my mate, my pups. Whatever I classify as mine, I will kill to protect. I don’t have the soft tender nature of a sub, but I’m good at pretending. *toothy grin....ok now I feel like I’m dealing with a slightly more charming Decebel* Me: How do you feel about being the mate of the pack healer? Costin: I’m honored. It’s a major blessing for a pack to have a gypsy healer. And to be the Canis lupis that the Great Luna has chosen to care for that healer, to love and protect her-Yeah, that’s a big freaking deal. Me: Does it scare you? With everything that is coming, do you worry you aren’t up to it? Costin: *creepy grin again* Are you challenging me Quinn? Me: Absolutely not, but I’m playing devil’s advocate. Costin: Hungry wolves like to eat little devils. *from somewhere behind me* “Costin! Quit that. We know you are all big and bad you don’t have to threaten to eat the author, good grief.” Sally comes marching in the room. Costin looks like a kid who has just stepped in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Costin: Sally mine. *Voice is breathless as he stands up and pulls her into his arms. Sally blushes and the shade deepens when Costin kisses her forehead gently* Costin: I was just having a little fun. Sally: Behave or I’ll sick Jen on you. Costin: *looks over to me and looks slightly sheepish, not much though* This is my ride Q, thanks for having me. Me: Thank you for putting up with my questions. Sally thanks for letting us borrow your man. Sally: Oh, he’s not-Costin: *low growl* Sally: *glares at Costin then looks back to me* no problem. I better get him back because I think I remember Vasile telling me he needed all the toilets scrubbed. Would hate to keep MY man from scrubbing the toilets, isn’t that right Costin? Costin: *grins wickedly at me as he pulls Sally behind him* By Quinn *waves over his shoulder* Gotta get Sally home to put on her little maid uniform so she can supervise me cleaning the toilets. *Hear Sally gasp as they continue out the door.* Thanks for joining me today with another member of the Grey Wolves!

Interview with Jen and Decebel from the Grey Wolves Series Jen and Decebel kindly agreed to do a short interview for us allowing us to get a glimpse into their relationship and the trials they face as a couple. Jen and Decebel are sitting here with me. They are on the couch across from me, Jen has her legs swung across Decebel's lap. She is barefoot and he has one hand resting on her leg and the other absent mindedly rubbing her foot. Quinn: Jen what is one quality in Decebel that you feel compliments you best as his mate? Jen: Hmm, that's a tough one because I think that Dec as a whole compliments me. But probably the most important is his steadfastness. (She laughs) Yes I just did say steadfastness and I will never hear the end of it from my girls, so not a word Quinn (pointing her finger at me). But seriously Decebel is a straight arrow. If he says he's going to do something, then he does it. I don't have to wonder from day to day if I can rely on him. I mea n, as we all know with all the crap going down I need someone I can rely on, our pack needs someone we can rely on. So, yeah, I'd say that's one that compliments me because it leads me to trust him and let's face it, can't have a relationship without trust. (Claps her hands together ) I'm on a role today, just call me Dr. Phil and give Oprah a ring to do a special. (Decebel chuckles at his mate and pats her legs). Quinn: Decebel, was Jen anything like what you thought your mate would be? Decebel: Honestly, I never thought I'd find my mate. After 126 years you begin to give up hope. That said, she's more than I could have hoped for. (Decebel looks over at Jen and gently caresses her face with his finger. He looks at her the entire time he answers my questio n...can we say swoon). She's brave, bold, selfless, honorable and loyal. I can truthfully say there is none better suited to be my mate than Jennifer. (Jen winks at him and I see her mouth, I love you, to him. I feel like an intruder in a very private moment ) Quinn: Jen how has your relationship with Jacque and Sally changed since you and Decebel found each other? Jen: Not much has changed really. I mean other than Jacque rubbing in the fact that she gets to get her freak on with Fane- Yes I'm sure y'all didn't want that visual (she lets out a cackle) then again some of you pervs probably are dying for details. Okay anyway, I mean, we have to balance out time obviously. Male Canis lupis tend to be a little greedy with their mates (Decebel actually rolls his eyes at Jen when she says this). We try to spend time together every day, that girl time is important to staying who we are in all this mess. Decebel understands that I need them and when he gets whiny, yes he really does whine sometimes (Now she yelps because Decebel has surreptitiously pinched her). What, (she looks at him indignantly), you do whine don't even try to look all innocent. (Jen looks back at me) He doesn't do innocent very well does he. (I hold my hands up and tell her I'm a neutral party. At this Decebel laughs at Jen as she glares at me). To finish your question, my girls are important to me, Dec knows this and even encourages me to maintain the closeness I have with my girls. Quinn: Okay, Decebel last question, I know you guys are busy. What would you be doing right now if you hadn't found Jen? Decebel: (He turns again and looks at Jen and I can see the pain in his eyes. Pain at the idea of not having her. A very poignant moment.) I would be fighting the darkness that plaques the males of my race. I wouldn't feel the joy or happiness I feel right now. I wouldn't feel the hope that, even amidst all that is going on, I still feel simply because I have Jennifer. (He looks back at me and pins me with those amber eyes) I don't like to even consider, or wonder what my life would look like without her in it. It's not something that anyone can understand unless they have been in the darkness and come into the light. (Jen reaches up and places her hand on his face turning it so he is looking at her. She whispers to him and the lines and stress that was just there are gone. His face smoothes back out and the softness that only comes in his eyes when he looks at Jen is back). Quinn: I want to thank you guys for your time, I know I kept it brief but I know you have a lot on your plates. I along with all your fans wish you the best as your move forward in your journey. Thank you for your time. Jen surprises me when she stands up and hugs me. Decebel gives me a single head nod and then stands. He takes Jen by the hand and tugs her to his side. As they’re walking away I hear her mutter something to her which gets her a slap on the butt. Jen looks over her shoulder at me and winks. I can honestly say that I can't remember being in a room where two people se em to suck the oxygen right out of it just by their mere presence.

Letter from Lilly to Dillon Hello, my name is Lilly Pierce. I am Jacque Pierce's mother. I'm sharing with you all today a letter that I wrote her father a few years after he left. It was the last time I cried over Dillon. The last time I let that love hurt me. I never sent him the letter. But writing it helped me heal. I don't know if anyone can understand what it's like to love a Canis lupis and know you could never be their mate, but I don’t recommend it. Dillon, This is a letter I will never send you, and yet I feel I need to write it. Maybe just to get it off my chest, or maybe because I feel like if I put on paper then I can move on, move forward with me life. Our daughter is 3 this year. I named her Jacque, after your grandmother. She has your eyes and your beautiful red hair. I wish you could know her, more than that, I wish she could know you. I have to be honest here Dillon, I'm struggling. I know that I chose us. Even though I knew you would probably leave one day. So I understand that this suffering, this broken heart is of my own making. But honestly I cant to be mad at you. I have no right to be. I guess you could say I'm in one of those life isn't fair places right now. It's late as I write this. Everyone in my part of the world is asleep. And yet here I site thinking of what I wish could have been. I want to stand up and shake my fist at the world and say why? Why did I fall in love with the one man I could never truly have. I don't doubt that you loved me as much as you could, but man it sucks that it wasn't enough. Now another holds your heart in a way I never will, and was never able to. Will that happen to acque? Will she have a perfect mate out there because of the blood that runs in her veins? Part of me wishes that for her. To know that there is a man out there who will love her, protect her, die for her and live for her no matter what. But another part of me hates the possibility of her falling in love with a human, only to then rip his heart out and in turn her own, when her true mate finds her. I dreamed of you last night. I dreamed about our first date. You were so cocky, so sure of yourself. And yet I held your attention as if I was the only person on earth. We talked for hours that night. About nothing and everything. I knew there was something different a bout you, something wild and untamed. I remember when you took me home you touched my face gently with the back of your fingers and you said, 'if fate gave me a choice, I would chose you'. I didn't understand what you were saying then. I didn't understand the significance or the honor in those words. I miss you. I miss the sound of your laugh. Your pessimistic nature. I miss the way you smell. I miss the way you cocked your eyebrow at me when you were letting me know you thought I was full of it. I don't know if you've ever experienced a broken heart. But I just want to scream. Some nights I feel like I'm suffocating, like every breath I take without you is torture. But that's what's left when the one you love so completely is taken from you. I have to say goodbye. I don't want to, but your memory is killing me. Knowing that you are with your mate, the woman who has the other half of your soul-it's ripping a hole inside me and I'm afraid if I don't figure out a way to let you go that hole will be there for the rest of my life. I don't blame you. I wouldn't trade the time we had for anything. And I am so thankful for our daughter. But for my sake and hopefully for Jacque's sake you have to be dead to me. You will be a distant memory, a dream that never really happened. I love you Dillon Jacobs. I hope that you are happy, that your life is filled with joy. Mine is. I know I can't lay claim to your heart. But I know that at one time I held your heart, at one time you looked upon me with wonder. I see proof of that every day in the red headed little beauty who blesses me with her life. Thank you for that. Fate took you from me. But fate gave me Jacque and so I can never regret the broken heart I have had to deal with. I'm letting go now. I'm letting go and I'm choosing to smile again, laugh again and live again. So goodbye Dillon. I realize now that I can say that because although I love you, I miss you, I don't need you. I can and will be happy again because I have that choice.

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