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  • Can I send you fanmail?
    Absolutely! I love getting emails and DMs, but nothing beats a personal letter. Write to me at Quinn Loftis, PO Box 110, Benton, AR 72018
  • In what order should I read the Grey Wolves / Gypsy Healer Series?
    For anyone new to the Grey Wolves Series and the spin-off, the Gypsy Healer Series, I've created a list showing the best order to read the books in. GWS - Grey Wolves Series; GHS - Gypsy Healer Series GWS: Book 1, Prince of Wolves GWS: Book 2, Blood Rites GWS: Book 3, Just One Drop GWS: Book 4, Out of the Dark GWS: Book 5, Beyond the Veil GWS: Book 6, Fate and Fury GWS: Book 7, Sacrifice of Love GWS: Novella 4, Sacred Silence GWS: Novella 2, Resounding Silence GWS: Book 8, Luna Mine GHS: Book 1, Into the Fae GHS: Book 2, Wolf of Stone GWS: Novella 1, Piercing Silence GHS: Book 3, Jewel of Darkness GWS: Book 9, Den of Sorrows GWS: Book 10, The Burning Claw GHS: Book 4, Wolves of Wrath GWS: Novella 3, Forgotten Silence GWS: Book 11, Tears of the Moon GHS: Book 5, Wolf of Sight GWS: Book 12 Alpha Rising GWS Book 13 The Warlock Queen GWS Book 14 A Grey Wolves Howliday GWS Book 15 The Wolves Descend GWS Book 16 The Hunt Begins
  • When are you coming to ________(fill in the name of your town here_____) for a book signing?
    Unfortunately, with writing and three children, I don't get to attend nearly as many book signings as I'd like, but if there's an awesome book signing in your area, pass the information along through the contact form and I'll respond. I want to try and get to as many as I can.
  • Can I interview you for my school project?
    Absolutely. Several of the questions I often get asked in interviews are below. Feel free to use those as responses in your project. If you have anything additional, feel free to email me through the contact form with a deadline when your project is due.
  • What got you into writing?
    Like most writers, I read and wrote a lot in high school. I wrote mostly short stories and a ton of poetry. I never actually believed I would have a career in writing. When the self-publishing craze hit, I thought I would at least give it a try. Luckily, my first book, Prince of Wolves, was well received and I've been able to turn my dream of becoming a writer into a career.
  • How can I become a successful writer?
    I get asked this question more than any other. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, mainly because we all have varying definitions of the word success. Do you want to make a living at writing, or simply publish something you can be proud of. Do you want to write an epic tale that keeps readers up at night, or do you simply want to make the NY Times Bestseller list. There are many paths to becoming a successful author and what worked for me may not work for you. To get better at writing, simply read and a write, then read and write some more. There is no secret. Being a good writer and being a commercially successful writer may not be the same things. After talking to many, many other successful authors, I can tell you one thing that we all have in common-lots of hard work. If you really want to be successful, be prepared to work long hard hours, not simply writing your book, but also promoting and marketing it when you are done. And even then you might not become a bestseller. A career as a novelist is challenging and rewarding, but not always lucrative.
  • Can you give me any advice on getting published?
    I wish I could but nope. Suprisingly, I get asked this question a lot as well. As I started out entirely self-published, I have no advice on this front. You'd be better off Googling "how to get published". What I can tell you is if an agent or publisher asks for you to put money upfront to get your book published, RUN. Do not give them any money. The only out of pocket money it takes to publish a book is a computer, writing software, book cover, and editing. The publishing part doesn't cost you anything. Please do your research before signing with an agent or publisher (especiallly if you've never heard of them). If you want to know about writing in general, see above question.
  • What gave you the idea for the Grey Wolves Series?
    Nothing necessarily gave me the idea. I simply used to read a ton of supernatural romances (mostly vampire at the time). One day, I decided I would like to write my own story and because werewolves are my favorite supernatural being the Grey Wolves are what I came up with. I based Fane mostly off my husband (we met and got married very young), and the three girls off my best friends from high school. The story line itself just evolved as I wrote each book and as I learned more and more about writing.
  • How do you balance writing and having a family?
    It's not easy. When I started this career I had one child and he was potty trained, and could feed himself and for the most part could entertain himself. Now, nearly 8 years later, I have three boys. We went from one child to three in one year. It was crazy and it completely shook up my writing routine. I'm an emotional writer which for me, means that I can't always just force myself to write. So if I'm too tired or too stressed sometimes I simply cannot write. Well with three boys you can imagine how often I am too tired or too stressed. Basically I do it one day at a time. I ask God for strength and wisdom and grace, lots of grace. Thankfully I also have an amazing husband who has been supportive of my career from the very beginning and that has made things much easier.
  • How do you manage a writing career while having a mental illness?
    Very carefully. *Deadpan. Okay kidding, but not kidding at the same time. I have to pay very close attention to how I'm feeling. Anyone with a mental illness whether it's Bipolar disorder, Depression, Borderline Personality disorder etc. isn't going to handle stress as well as someone who doesn't have a mental illness. We don't handle lack of sleep or lack of exercise well either. I have to really pay attention to how much sleep I'm getting, my stress management and my exercise because when I let those things fall to the wayside I end up an anxious mess and that hurts my writing. I try to take care of myself and Bo helps me as well. Having a good support system is massive and having my faith, knowing that God is going to take care of me and my family that I don't have to try to do it all on my own, nor does Bo.
  • How do I sideload an ebook I purchased directly from your website onto my reading device?
    You will receive a compressed (zip) file to download. Open the file and determine whether you need the mobi file (for Kindle) or the epub (for every other device). Then copy or move that file to your library or documents folder. For Kindle Method One: Connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cord. Then, in your file explorer, after downloading and opening the compressed file, drag or copy the mobi file onto the Kindle "drive" and save. The mobi file can now be found in your Kindle "Docs." Method Two: Open your confirmation email using your Kindle. Then download the compressed file and open it. Then move or copy the mobi file directly to your Kindle and save it to your "Docs" folder. Method Three: After opening the compressed file, move or copy the mobi to your documents folder. Then email the mobi to your Kindle. To find the email address of your personal Kindle device, hover your cursor over "Account and Lists" on your Amazon account, and then select "Content and Devices." Then click on the "Preferences" tab near the header. From there, click on "Personal Document Settings." You will find your kindle email address under "Send to Kindle Email Settings." Just below that, you will see an "Approved Personal Document E-mail List." Be sure to add your regular email address to that list. Then email your mobi file to your kindle email address. The mobi file can now be found in your Kindle "Docs." (After you've done this once, it gets easier. From then on, you simply email the mobi file to your Kindle email.) For Nook, Ipad, Kobo Reader, and Other Devices Method One: Connect your reader device to your computer using a USB cord. Then, in your file explorer, open the compressed file and copy or drag the epub file onto the reader device "drive" and save. Method Two: Open your confirmation email using your reader device. Then download the compressed file and move or copy the epub file directly to your reader device and save it.
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