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The Grey Wolves Series Reading Order

GWS = Grey Wolves Series 

GHS = Gypsy Healer Series

For the best reading experience I suggest reading them in this order:

GWS: Book 1, Prince of Wolves

GWS: Book 2, Blood Rites

GWS: Book 3, Just One Drop

GWS: Book 4, Out of the Dark

GWS: Book 5, Beyond the Veil

GWS: Book 6, Fate and Fury

GWS: Book 7, Sacrifice of Love

GWS: Novella 4, Sacred Silence

GWS: Novella 2, Resounding Silence

GHS: Book 1, Into the Fae

GWS: Book 8, Luna Mine

GHS: Book 2, Wolf of Stone

GWS: Novella 1, Piercing Silence

GHS: Book 3, Jewel of Darkness

GWS: Book 9, Den of Sorrows

GWS: Book 10, The Burning Claw

GHS: Book 4, Wolves of Wrath

GWS: Novella 3, Forgotten Silence

GWS: Book 11, Tears of the Moon

GHS: Book 5, Wolf of Sight

GWS: Book 12, Alpha Rising

GWS: Book 13, The Warlock Queen

GWS: Book 14, A Grey Wolves Howliday

GWS: Book 15, The Wolves Descend

GWS: Book 16, The Hunt Begins

GWS: Book 17, Reign of Blood

GWS: Book 18, The Hybrid Rule 

GWS: Book 19 Wolf Divided

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