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Reign of Blood Pre-order

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Readers who pre-order through this site will receive the book 1 week before it goes on sale to the general public. 

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“Because I created you for such a time as this.”

The Great Luna’s words ring true for every member of the Romanian pack. Not only the wolves, but for all those who stand in defense of virtue, purity, and righteousness in a world plagued with monsters hell-bent on destroying every good in their path.


Time and time again, the Great Luna’s warriors have faced depraved adversaries, and each time they’ve risen to the challenge. With Fane as their leader, and members of every supernatural race willing to follow him, they will once again stand in the gap for those who cannot stand themselves, protecting those who are ignorant of the dangers all around them.


The Order of the Burning Claw has been dealt a near-fatal blow. But this has only made them more dangerous, like a cornered wolf, injured and desperate. Alston, the former high fae and leader of the Order, continues to wage war on Fane and his allies. Cain, the vampire king, has other plans, and they no longer include membership in the crumbling faction. He has discovered some powerful new allies, the very humans he once attempted to subjugate. Could they unwittingly be the key that allows him to put finally eliminate all competition for rule of the supernatural races? In the end, one species will reign supreme. One king will stand victorious. The rest will bow…or die.

How do I sideload an ebook I purchased directly from your website onto my reading device?

You will receive a compressed (zip) file to download. Open the file and determine whether you need the mobi file (for Kindle) or the epub (for every other device). Then copy or move that file to your library or documents folder.


For Kindle


Method One: Connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cord. Then, in your file explorer, after downloading and opening the compressed file, drag or copy the mobi file onto the Kindle "drive" and save. The mobi file can now be found in your Kindle "Docs."


Method Two: Open your confirmation email using your Kindle. Then download the compressed file and open it. Then move or copy the mobi file directly to your Kindle and save it to your "Docs" folder.


Method Three: After opening the compressed file, move or copy the mobi to your documents folder. Then email the mobi to your Kindle. To find the email address of your personal Kindle device, hover your cursor over "Account and Lists" on your Amazon account, and then select "Content and Devices." Then click on the "Preferences" tab near the header. From there, click on "Personal Document Settings." You will find your kindle email address under "Send to Kindle Email Settings." Just below that, you will see an "Approved Personal Document E-mail List." Be sure to add your regular email address to that list. Then email your mobi file to your kindle email address. The mobi file can now be found in your Kindle "Docs." (After you've done this once, it gets easier. From then on, you simply email the mobi file to your Kindle email.)


For Nook, Ipad, Kobo Reader, and Other Devices


Method One: Connect your reader device to your computer using a USB cord. Then, in your file explorer, open the compressed file and copy or drag the epub file onto the reader device "drive" and save.


Method Two: Open your confirmation email using your reader device. Then download the compressed file and move or copy the epub file directly to your reader device and save it.

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