The Grey Wolves Series

Welcome to the Grey Wolves Series page. Below you'll find links and descriptions of all my Grey Wolves novels and novellas. In 2010, when e-readers first became widely available, I suddenly found I had access to thousands of affordable books that I would never have been able to read otherwise. It was then my childhood love of reading and writing came roaring back to me. As an avid reader of supernatural romance, I soon realized I had a story within me that I needed to write...about a Romanian werewolf prince who falls in love with his true mate--a high school teenager named Jacque (pronounced Jack-ee) Pierce. I wrote the book but was afraid to publish it. A year later, my husband finally convinced me to share my story with the world. Despite the book having some serious newbie author issues (editing/cover, etc.), people actually enjoyed it. Now, over a million readers have downloaded the first book, Prince of Wolves. I never expected anything like this, but I'm so grateful people enjoy the series. If you haven't read Prince of Wolves yet, you can grab it free by clicking the link below. Thank for vising!

Prince of Wolves

Book #1

Jacque Pierce was just an ordinary girl getting ready to start her senior year in high school when a mysterious foreign exchange student moved in across the street. From the moment Jacque sets eyes on Fane she feels an instant connection, a pull like a moth to a flame. Little does she know that the flame she is drawn to is actually a Canis Lupus, werewolf, and she just happens to be his mate; the other half of his soul. But Fane is not the only wolf in Jacque's town that wants the girl for his own. 

Blood Rites

Book #2

With the challenge complete and the corrupt Alpha of Coldspring defeated, Fane is now free to complete the mate bond with Jacque and perform the Blood Rites. Although Fane is victorious, the effects of the battle are far reaching. Once it is known that Vasile, the strongest Alpha in the world, is in America, specifically Coldspring, TX, there is another Alpha who takes notice. And this Alpha happens to share Jacque's DNA. With her mother and her two best friends, Jen and Sally, in tow, Jacque set off for her happily ever after. She will soon realize a plan has been put in motion that will alterher course and possibly tear her from Fane's grasp forever. It will take a wolf pack, her mother's love, her two best friend's unrelenting determination, her own will to survive, and the undying love of her mate to bring her home. The question remains, if she fights, if she endures, what will be left once she is back in her mates arms?

Just One Drop

Book #3

Jennifer Adams, best friend to Jacque Pierce and Sally Morgan, is a spicy, out spoken, crazy little human...or so she thought. But Jen has just found out that human DNA is not the only thing that resides in her veins. She happens to share that pesky little werewolf gene, although it isn't more than just a drop. Now that she and her friends are living in Romania with Fane's pack, she is also oh-so-conveniently stuck with the object of her affection, the brooding fur ball, Decebel. But she and Dec share no mating signs. Now, because of that little drop of werewolf blood, Jen must attend a multi-pack gathering for un-mated wolves, which hasn't taken place in over a century. Decebel, more dominant than any other wolf at the gathering, struggles with the emotions he is feeling toward the mostly human, Jen. He tries to keep his distance but there is just something about the mouthy blonde that keeps him coming back for more of her verbal abuse...go figure.

Out of the Dark

Book #4

Darkness has descended on the Transylvanian Alps. Four packs of the powerful Grey wolves – in a rare show of cooperation – have joined together here in an effort to help their pack members find true mates. But they were betrayed by one of their own – an Alpha hell-bent on becoming the most powerful of the Canis lupis. And though the wolf's assassination attempt on the currently-reigning Romanian Alpha failed, his plans to remove Decebel, the Romanian Beta, were coming together even as his treachery was discovered. The wolf escaped, leaving destruction, death, and a missing mate behind him.Unbeknownst to the other packs, the wolf has employed a witch to finish the deadly job and help him gain another tool to increase his power. A curse of devastating proportions will cripple Decebel in a way that may dissolve his fragile bond with Jennifer, his true mate. Meanwhile, injured and alone, Jen fights for her life, which she knows is slipping away. But help may come in the most unexpected form, solving a mystery that has plagued the Grey Wolves pack for hundreds of years.

Beyond the Veil

Book #5

Though the evil Serbian pack has been brought to heel thanks to the downfall of their Alpha, the war is far from over. Desdemona, a witch of unfathomable power, has escaped the wolves’ wrath. Though she had to flee, she has not given up on the treasure for which her heart lusts. In her depravity, the witch finds who can assist her in opening a Veil that has not been opened in millennia – with good reason: the danger is incalculable. Meanwhile, the wolves are dwindling in the wake of the shortage of true mates and lack of offspring. They are beginning to lose faith and the darkness seems to be crashing in on them from all sides. Against this backdrop of darkness, Jacque's two best friends, Sally and Jen will each face trials that will test, not only their own resolves, but that of their entire pack as well.

Fate and Fury

Book #6

Though her world is crashing down around her, Sally holds out hope. The Great Luna has not abandoned her. The goddess has commanded the Fey council to call upon the packs—all of them. And though the warlock king, Cypher, looks for a way to open the Veil for Desdemona, he struggles to protect Lilly and the wolves at the same time. Peri, the ever-courageous High Fae, and a contingent of the remaining females of the Romanian and Serbian packs, push on through the rough Carpathian Mountains in search of a way to cross over to the land of the Fey. Meanwhile, in reluctant obedience to the Great Luna, the Fey council sends representatives to the far corners of the globe, meeting with the pack Alphas. The Fey must convince the Alphas of every pack to lay aside their petty territorial squabbles and battles of dominance. If they refuse, both the humans and the supernatural races will fall at Mona’s feet.

Sacrifice of Love

Book #7

As one evil falls, another rises in its place. The powerful witch, Desdemona, has finally been killed by an alliance of wolf, elf, and fae. But Reyaz, brother to Cypher the warlock king, has vowed retribution for a life that was taken from him. Now Cypher must decide not only how to protect his newfound mate and his people, but also how to destroy the only family he has left. 
Meanwhile, Jen’s pregnancy progresses and the fateful due date draws ever nearer. The thought of losing Decebel’s child constantly threatens to overwhelm her. With each passing day, Decebel grows more distant, causing Jen to wonder what toll the impending loss of their child is taking on him. Unbeknownst to Jen, in an act of desperation to protect his unborn child and mate, Decebel strikes a deadly bargain with the Great Luna—his life in place of his child’s. There is only one way for that to happen; the bond between he and Jen must be broken. 


Luna of Mine

Book #8

We've watched the Romanian Grey Wolves find their true mates, fight against evil and reunite with the other Canis lupis in the world. Now we will see just how the most powerful Alpha in their history met his match with the woman who became his mate, and helped him become the man he needed to be in order to lead.

Den of Sorrows

Book #9

The Romanian and Serbian Canis lupus rest in an uneasy peace. One of their own, Sally Miklos, the young and powerful gypsy healer, aids Perizada in her quest to defeat Volcan, a long forgotten nightmare returned to our world. These two packs watch as their brothers across the world, wolves from Spain, Ireland, and America, join their own forces in the battle against the evil dark fae. At the same time, the packs hope against hope that their presence might reveal a mate bond between a pack member and one of the five recently discovered gypsy healers.

the burning claw

Book #10

Jacque’s mind wandered as she hovered somewhere between life and death. Her body longed to let go, to sink into the peaceful abyss, to the place where she didn’t have to worry about rabid, child-snatching vampires and the carnage they’d caused to so many innocent families. But something kept her here, tethered to this world, something she couldn’t quite remember hovered just on the edge of her consciousness, something vital. It wasn’t Fane, he would be with her on the other side, she knew that. If she died, he died too and he wouldn’t have it any other way. She could feel Peri’s presence in her body. The fae was fighting, expending every ounce of her energy to keep her and Fane alive and the strain was taking its toll on the fae. But why? Why was the fae fighting as if her own life depended upon Jacque’s survival? Jacque was starting to remember someone else—someone that depended on her. A brand new life, precious and perfect…her son.

tears of the moon

Book #11

The Romanian Grey Wolves have been kicked, beaten, and stomped--assailed from every side. Yet, every time evil thinks it’s gotten the upper hand, the wolves come roaring back to protect their own. No darkness can stand against them, especially when they fight united with their supernatural allies. But what happens when the darkness refuses to stand and fight? Instead, it flees, spreading across an entire continent, infecting the supernatural races as it goes. Will the wolves be able to stand against the hidden darkness, the Order of the Burning Claw, or will they crumble as it shakes them to their foundations? 


Piercing Silence

Novella #1

It’s been six months since Jacque Lupei was imprisoned in the dark forest with her female pack mates, wondering if they would ever see their mates again. Six months since she and Fane found out that Jen and Decebel would not be the only couple adding a new pup to the pack. Six months of peace and quiet…other than Jen running her mouth incessantly about Sally getting to go on an adventure with Peri while she has to miss all the fun. When she isn’t complaining about that, she spends her time commenting on how Jacque’s butt is getting wider by the minute. Jacque doesn’t know it, but the reprieve was about to be over. She and Fane thought his demons had been dealt with, but the nightmares are back and the In-Between is once again ripping a hole inside of her mate.

Jacque can’t stand to see him hurting. She can’t stand knowing that in some way she was responsible for his struggle because she, after all, was the subject of his pain from the In-Between. She’ll do anything to stop his turmoil. So she makes a desperate decision to do what she thinks her mate needs, or doesn’t need. Others will call it insane. Jen will add her own creative descriptions, including expletives thrown in for added effect. Whatever you call it, Jacque calls it an answer to the darkness that is slowly consuming her mate. 

She knows that if Fane has any idea of what she has planned, he would chain her to his side. So, naturally she does what any female Canis lupus would do in her shoes--she shuts down the bond and prays that no one gets in her way. She knows he might never forgive her, but then, if her plan works, he won’t even remember her name.

REsounding Silence

Novella #2

The events chronicled herein occur after the destruction of Reyaz the Warlock, which was recounted in Sacrifice of Love. A few months of peace were enjoyed by the various supernatural races before an increase in attacks by vampires in the human realm, which was recounted in Den of Sorrows, forces the elves, fae and werewolves to go to battle once again.

Duty, sacrifice, service, and discipline. These were the characteristics that described Cyn, the warrior fae. Though love was out of her reach, she thought this life was all she needed. She had never been more wrong. A chance meeting with the Prince of the Elves turns her carefully structured world upside down.

Thalion is loyal to his people above all else. As the prince of the Elves, it is his duty to protect them. His loyalty has never been in question. But then, he's never met anyone like Cyn before. 

The destiny of both their races may hinge on whether an elf and a fae can overcome their differences and face an uncertain future together.

Forgotten Silence

Novella #3

This book needs to be read after book 10, The Burning Claw, in the Grey Wolves Series in order for the story to make sense. 

Filthy. Disgusting. Unworthy trash. The same thoughts keep swirling in Sally's mind. She's broken and no one can fix her--not her friends, try as they might, and not her beautiful mate. She'd thought when Costin had rescued her from Jericho's clutches, broken the spell the rogue werewolf had cast on her, and left the cur lying in bloody pieces on the floor of an Ocean Side bar, that one day she might find some peace. Perhaps, with time, she could forget the horrible things she'd done. Perhaps she could forget how she had betrayed her one true mate. Now, several weeks later, the memories and the nightmares have only grown stronger. Unbeknownst to Sally, though the magical bracelet that erased her memories was destroyed, the magical device deposited something sinister within the girl's mind. Now, in a last ditch effort to find some sort of healing, Sally is being shipped off to her hometown--Coldspring, TX. Little does she know that surprises are awaiting her there that will shake the foundations of all she's ever known. Will these new revelations be the key to eradicating the darkness that has taken root in the healer? Or will the secrets that are uncovered be too much for Sally to bear?

Sacred Silence

Novella #4

This novella takes place after Sacrifice of Love. It is the events that happened the days after Thia is born. 

I thought there couldn’t be anything more evil than Desdemona, Reyaz, or any villain we’ve faced or would face. But there is. They’re called postpartum hormones. And, here’s the kicker, they have a minion called a breast pump. I read all the books I could devour on giving birth and then all the crap that would happen the first weeks of pregnancy and still nothing could have prepared me for this hurricane of jacked up emotional chaos or the fact that a machine would try to eat my nipples all in the name of trying to give my infant the best possible nutrition. Seriously, those things should be banned. If that wasn’t enough to make me lose what little sanity I was holding on to, let’s throw into the sadistic party my best friends getting a wild hair up their butts to kidnap my daughter. But wait folks, that’s not all. Somehow in the midst of her abduction she was dyed blue. Yes, blue. You might be thinking, ‘wow, Jen, that sucks.’ Yes, I know. But that’s not even the worst of it. Trying to keep my mate from maiming my best friends and their mates was hard enough but then Thia snatched out from underneath the noses of my besties and truly kidnapped. If there was an award for FUBAR first days of life, Thia would win hands down. Sorry, mini-me. I’ll try and make it up to you. But no promises. I’ll probably screw you up to the point that you need counseling. How about your dad and I save up some money to pay for that counseling. That’s practical parenting, right?